He Loves To Fly And He D'oh's
Production Code
Episode Number
23 September 2007
Joel H. Cohen
Mark Kirkland
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot When Homer saves Mr. Burns life when he almost drowns inside a water fountain at the mall, Mr. Burns rewards with a free dinner with him. While in the car that night, Homer says that he likes Pizza, a Chicago deep dish in particular. Mr. Burns takes Homer there that night in his private jet, which Homer likes, and Homer wishes to stay on board. Returning Home, Homer feels depressed because he knows that he will never get to ride on one again. To cheer him up, Stephen Colbert (voiced by himself) aids Homer as his life coach. Homer starts to wear Bowling shoes everywhere as that's when he's most confident. Homer applies for a job at Handyman's Choice Copper Tubing with the Rich Texan. Sadly, Homer does not get the job, but couldn't bear to tell Marge. So he leaves Home each day and hangs out at Krusty Burger. Bart finds him there while at a field trip with School. Bart gets Homer to come clean with Marge, he orders a private plane for a day, and takes Marge on board, where the plane starts to plummet in altitude. The pilot is drugged up on Heroin. Homer pushes him out of the way and with encouragement from Colbert over the phone, he manages to land the plane. He comes clean with Marge and agrees to beg Mr. Burns for his job back at the Nuclear Plant.
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