Little Orphan Millie
Production Code
Episode Number
11 November 2007
Mick Kelly
Lance Kramer
Executive Producer
Al Jean
Gary M. Gadsdon
Plot Kirk and Luann Van Houten get remarried and when they go on their honeymoon they get thrown overboard from their cruse and the crew are unable to find them at sea. Navy Crew arrive at the Simpsons house to tell Milhouse the bad news and lives with the Simpsons, after Maggie gives him her bottle, he realises that he has to be more self reliant. He starts to act more sad and poetic, nearly all of the girls in school are smitten by him, even Lisa. Bart feeling jealous of Milhouse tries to make him uncool again and gets Milhouse's uncle Zack in from Denmark. While Milhouse is leaving the school, Bart climbs into the hot air balloon and they somehow manage to meet up with Kirk and Luann on a deserted island, Zack instantly calls for help before fighting Kirk.
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